SealFAQs is about end face mechanical seals – usually referred to simply as mechanicals seals and sometimes just seals.

Although some pages may appear to be completed, this site is still under construction (and I’m learning as I go along).  However, I’ve decided to “launch” SealFAQs while continuing to expand it.

Be sure to check the What’s New and Blog pages of SealFAQs for the latest updates and information.



This web site is the property of Gordon Buck.  Although I worked for John Crane Inc. for many years, this web site is completely independent of John Crane Inc.  SealFAQs contains my own thoughts, ideas and approaches to mechanical seals and does not necessarily agree with those of John Crane Inc.


Plea for Help

As this site is developed, I will be in need of photographs, artwork and samples of seals and seal parts that can be photographed for display on this site.  If you have anything that might be useful, please contact me at Gordon S Buck at hot mail dot com — omitting any spaces in the email address.  Any donations will be greatly appreciated.